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Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board Logo

Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board Logo

Rich in symbolism, this logo reflects the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board’s enduring commitment to “Believing, Achieving, Serving”. The two principal elements of the design – students and the cross – together create a beautiful image that suggests a flower in bloom. The students, like the seeds of a flower, are carefully nurtured so that they may blossom and bloom to their full potential. The upward thrust of the logo signifies a culture of growth, of reaching upwards and striving for excellence.

The image of students arranged in tiers suggests the continuum of learning: elementary, secondary, and adult/continuing education. The different colours depict the complementary nature of male and female: they are equal but different. Each side of the logo is a triad, stressing the importance of the partnership of home, parish and school as well as the communion of persons within the Holy Trinity, and hinting at 50-year time blocks in the history of Catholic education in Hamilton-Wentworth.

At the core of the logo is the Cross, the Tree of Life, to symbolize the centrality of Jesus Christ in Catholic Education, and to remind us of the bond with Christ, with one another, and with the earth: “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to myself.” (John 12:32)
Our School Motto...

Our School Motto...

Our Vision

Our Vision

Rooted in the lessons of our faith, students at St. Ann are rich in spirit and generous in service. Our students have the desire to develop and share their growing gifts and talents and to fulfill the Catholic Graduate Expectations. Through the intercession of St. Ann, our students are guided to think critically, share ideas, be responsible, care for one another and follow in the steps of Christ each day.

I believe that God is an awesome God
I believe and have faith in God
I believe that God is with us always
I believe that we can talk to God anytime and anywhere, through prayer
I believe in the stories of the Bible
I believe in the stories of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection
I believe in the Church community, celebrating Mass, and the seven Sacraments
I believe in forgiveness
Because I am a believer, I will live my life like Jesus.

I speak, write and listen as Jesus would want me to
I care about others and speak up for them
I am honest
I think carefully before I react or speak
I respect all people and their languages
I listen to the Word of God
Because I have a voice, I will use it lovingly, and I will live my life like Jesus.

I have thoughts and opinions that matter
I make good choices
I have hope for the future
I solve problems with knowledge, understanding and prayer
I know we are all equal and special
Because I have ideas, I have a purpose, and I will live my life like Jesus.

I use my gifts and talents given to me by God
I always do my best
I build on my strengths and weaknesses
I set goals
I accept change
I am proud of the good things I do
I am thankful for the gifts of others
Because I am a learner for life, I can reach for my dreams, by living my life like Jesus.

I co-operate with others in all that I do
I value everyone’s work
I respect and listen to others
I think of others before myself
I follow rules of fair play
I work hard in school so that I can build my community and make it a better place
Because I am a team player, I know that ‘Together is Better’, and we will live our lives like Jesus.

I love God, myself and my family
I care about and respect my ‘family’ at school, at Church, in the community, and the world
I care about and respect God’s creation and everything in it
Because I care, I pray for all my families, and I will live my life like Jesus.

I am a peace-maker
I am fair
I am forgiving
I follow rules and do my share
I help the poor and care for people in need
I stand up for what is right
I know that all life is precious
I respect and protect the world and all that is in it
Because I accept my responsibilities, I can make a difference, and will live my life like Jesus.

Our Mission

Our mission at St. Ann is to learn, serve and live the values and virtues of our faith within and beyond our school community.