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Our history....Established in 1953!st ann pic

In order to fully appreciate the history of St. Ann Catholic Elementary School in Ancaster, it is important to recognize the history of the school's parish church, St. Ann's Parish. St. Ann's Parish originally became a mission church in 1949, under the guidance of Reverend J.A. Noonan. Father Noonan constructed a little wooden church on a two-acre lot on the north-west corner of Wilson Street West and Fiddlers Green Road in Ancaster.

The first resident priest of St. Ann's Parish was the Reverend William J. Loftus, who came to the parish in 1952 and constructed the present edifice. Father Loftus completed building the first section of St. Ann's School and it was officially opened on October 11, 1953. A second section was added to the school as well as a gymnasium in 1956. A major addition was later completed to the existing building in 1995. With much hard work and cooperation from parishioners, Father Loftus set to work building the Senior School on Jerseyville Road West in Ancaster.

By 1963, with the parish growing, the Senior School required a four room addition. All this hard work as well as Father Loftus' increasingly ill health had taken its toll, and the beloved pastor passed away on December 11, 1964. Two months after his death, the addition to the Senior School was completed and it was renamed "Father Loftus School".

St Ann (our patron Saint and current school namesake), and St. Joachim were the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the grandparents of Jesus. As a school community, we ask St. Ann, through our prayers, to bring us closer to Jesus and Mary. At St. Ann's School, we strive to help every child to be the best that they can be. This is done in an environment which has our Lord Jesus at its centre. Our families and the St. Ann's Parish community work in a spirit of cooperation, with the school, to help our students grow in faith.

As we continue to grow in faith, knowledge, and imagination, we embrace our history celebrating the gift of Catholic Education.

Our school's Principals....

Founding Principals, Sisters of Mount Mary Immaculate 1953-1958
Ed Lunny / Estelle Kennedy 1958-1964 at Fr Loftus
John Kaposy 1964-1969
Chris Darcy 1969-1971
Arthur Thompson 1971-1976
Sam Galante 1976-1981
Thomas Mancini 1981-1986
Michael Gough 1986-1990
Peggy Hunter 1990-1994
Wayne Brown 1994-2000
Gus Hubbard 2000-2008
Michael Goffredo 2009-2012
Kerry McNamara 2012-2015
Teresa Nocciolino 2015-2021
Charlie Agro 2021- present

One of our goals for 2021-2022 is to collect memories of our history. We are looking for any pictures from the past... alumni, school events, and stories of our history.

Check out the link of the 60th anniversary...https://modehospitality.ca/memories-of-st- ...

Please contact the school via email at [email protected] to share any pictures.

Thank you in advance.


Saint Annsaint ann pics

Saint Anne, chosen by God to be the mother of Mary, His own Blessed Mother on earth, was the spouse of Saint Joachim. Ancestor of the Eternal King and High Priest, Joachim was of the royal house of David, while Anne was of Levitical descent. Their lives were wholly occupied with prayer and good works. One thing only was wanting to their union — they were childless, and this was held as a bitter misfortune among the Jews. At length, when Anne was well advanced in age, Mary was born, the fruit rather of grace than of nature, and the child more of God than of man.

With the birth of Mary the holy matron began a new life; she watched Her every movement with reverent tenderness, and, aware of the little one’s destiny, felt herself hourly sanctified by the presence of her Immaculate Child. But she had vowed her daughter to God; to God the child Mary had already consecrated Herself, and to Him Anne gave Her back. Mary was three years old when Anne and Joachim led Her to the Temple steps, saw Her pass by Herself into the inner sanctuary, and then saw Her no more. Thus was Anne left childless in her old age, and deprived of her purest earthly joy. The holiest parents on earth could not, in the plan of God, raise this Child as was needed: Mary had to suffer from Her earliest years. Saint Anne and Saint Joachim humbly adored the Divine Will, and continued to watch and pray, until God called them to unending rest.

France and Canada possess the principal sanctuaries of Saint Anne: in France, at Apt in Provence, and at Auray in Britanny; in Canada at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré in the Province of Quebec. At Apt the discovery in 792 of Saint Anne’s relics, brought by Lazarus and his two sisters to France, was wholly miraculous, authenticated by the presence of Charlemagne during the discovery, and the signature of Pope Adrian I on the written account of the facts.

"Saint. Anne's feast day is celebrated on July 26. On the Feast of Saint Anne, whom I like to call Jesus’ grandma, is a beautiful day to celebrate grandmothers. While I was incensing I saw something beautiful: the statue of St Anne is not crowned, her daughter, Mary, is crowned. And this is beautiful. St Anne is the woman who prepared her daughter to become queen, to become queen of heaven and earth. This woman did a good job! St Anne, patron saint of Caserta, gathered in this square various parts of the Diocesan Community with the Bishop and with the presence of the civic leaders and representatives of various social organizations. I wish to encourage all of you to experience the feast of the patron saint free of all prejudice, in the pure expression of the faith of a people who recognize themselves as the family of God and which strengthens the bonds of brotherhood and solidarity. Perhaps St Anne heard her daughter Mary proclaim the words of the Magnificat, which Mary surely repeated many times: “He has put down the mighty from their thrones, and exalted those of low degree; he has filled the hungry with good things” (Lk 1:52-53). May she help you to seek the sole treasure, Jesus, and teach you to discover God’s criteria for behaviour; He overturns the world’s judgments and comes in aid of the poor and the small ones and fills the lowly with good things, those who entrust their existence to Him. Have hope, the hope which does not disappoint. And I like to repeat to you: do not let them steal your hope!" (His Holiness, Pope Francis, 2014)

We ask for the intercession of Saint Anne, to watch over our school community in safeguarding our faith, knowledge and imagination!

Saint Anne, pray for us.


The Prayer to St. Ann
saint ann pic

O God,
You bestowed on St. Ann such grace, that she was found
worthy to become the mother of Mary,
who brought fourth Your only begotten Son.
Grant we may be helped by her intercession.

St. Ann...pray for us